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Headrest and Lumbar Pillows with Memory Foam

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  • PU material, delicate touch.
  • Internal ventilation and moisture absorption.
  • 6D slow rebound curve design, effectively alleviating the release pressure.
  • Thermal memory foam inner core.
  • The headrest pillow has three point support principle; head, neck and shoulder.
  • Left and right three dimensional neck guard.
  • The human spine curve design from the lumbar pillow fits and supports the lower back.


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Customer Reviews

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Alberto Botsford

Bought for a game Chair, much more convenient than other pillows and looks great. There is only one drawback, the pillow is very quickly heated from the body and becomes hot in this place.

Malvina Little

I was surprised. It's arrived perfect, no doubleces. I 've tried it on a long trip and it's a wonder for the price it has. In the seat of a KIA Sportage fits perfectly, it looks like part of the serial car (although in the photos it is not perceived that way unfortunately). Recommended

Camille Schinner

Headrest and Lumbar Pillows with Memory Foam

Adrienne Gleason

Cool accessories, but I did not fit. Inconvenient... put under the back, immediately began to sit higher and closer to the steering wheel... maybe it depends on the cover on the seat... the car Chevrolet Niva 2007.

Velma Koepp

Headrest and Lumbar Pillows with Memory Foam